So its been a fair while since I posted on our blog and I must make massive apologies for that.

Lizzy and I have been so incredibly busy and although its something we are super happy about, we’re also being stretched in a lot of different directions. Now with our new site all launched (yahoo!) I’ve decided to do a regular series entitled the ‘Startup/Life Diaries’. Essentially a mixture of updates and ramblings on life in a startup and all of the things that surround it.

First of all I want to say thank you to everyone who wrote to me or spoke to me about my previous blog on body confidence. I got to hear a lot of amazing stories (as well as some words of encouragement). This is still something that has been a massive issue for me, but I’ve finally started to get some answers. A few months back I had an ultrasound scan which confirmed Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. A few tests later it came back that I had become insulin resistant as a result of PCOS. This makes it difficult to break down fat and causes surges in glucose which triggers massive sugar cravings (which is not good when you have a sweet tooth to begin with). After much research and discussions with my GP I have decided to start a special kind of diet called the Ketogenic Diet. This should get my blood sugar levels under control and in turn (fingers crossed) help me lose the fat my body now loves to store.

What’s helping me so much at the minute is the new fitness regime I started a few weeks back. Its impacted my mental health in such an incredible way. In fact, the post work-out feeling has become quite addictive! I’ve always been an adrenaline junkie. I love speed! When I was younger I spent a lot of time skateboarding. An unfortunate (and rather embarrassing) accident left me throwing the board out and giving up. However, I recently decided to get a new one and become a 38 year-old female skateboarder. So if you’re in Newcastle and fancy learning a new daredevil sport then drop me an email!

The Myndr journey so far has been such an amazing experience. We’ve met so many incredible people. One of our recent highlights was hosting our first set of Workshops with a Company down in Ascot. It was such a pleasure to meet and talk with the staff there and we are super excited to be going back soon! I think what I was proud of the most was facing a big fear of mine. So my Endometriosis can cause some pretty painful and unpleasant symptoms. Travelling had become something which induced a really strong feeling of anxiety. I had started having dreams about being trapped on a never-ending train whilst having a flare up. So weeks before we were due to leave (3 hour train > 10 min tube > 1 hour train) the anxiety really started to kick in. Of course, as luck would have it, I did end up getting a pretty bad flare up on the first train down. But as what always seems to happen, how you cope in reality is completely different to how you imagine you would cope. It ended up being a pretty painful 24 hours and delivering my workshop on day one was tough; but I coped! It just gave my confidence in travel that much needed boost.

So how has my own mental health been during this rollercoaster ride of startup life? Mainly it’s been pretty good. I love what we do, I’m proud of what we are doing and I’m excited about what we are going to do. Of course, like anything life, there have been some down days. We’ve had to power through some tough times and think quickly on our feet. Raising money for a start-up is tough and it can really affect your confidence in yourself if you let it. We’re pretty lucky that we get on well as a team and we pull each other through it.

What has been tough for me personally is trying to create a healthy work life balance. I still work on an evening as a designer. It was getting where I was doing 100 hours a week and weekends and that really wasn’t doing me any favours. I also look out for my mum a lot. She was recently diagnosed with Epilepsy which has really affected her memory. It’s honestly broken my heart at times, particularly when she can’t remember something you did with her or a place which meant a lot to us. Just yesterday we talked about a restaurant we used to go to a lot which is not far from where we live. She couldn’t remember it at all. How that must be for her is really gets to me. My dad and I tend to tag team so she’s not alone, particularly as her seizures are not under control quite yet. I’m not sure if she would be ok out on her own at the minute and that makes me super sad for her.

So next steps for us is growing our mental fitness workshops. We already have some great clients booked in and I’m excited to see where we will travel next!

I was also really privileged to be invited for an amazing interview with a really incrediblel group of people. This group is private for very special reasons, however they’ve given me permission to reprint the interview in our blog. It should be up soon!

Until next time, Emma.