A Poem by Michelle Keane 


We’ve been called cowards, called selfish, called weak.

But we are none of these, we are lost,

Lost within our own pain, within our own darkness.

It takes strength to stand on the edge, or take huge amounts, or put that rope over our heads.

But before it is said we do it for sympathy this is the furthest from the truth.

You say we are selfish because of those left, and we should think about others.

How? We can’t see out, we can’t talk, and would you really understand, or have the time to really listen.

We close our eyes and all hope for is peace.

When I closed my eyes nothing went through my head, I wanted free of my darkness.

My attempts 3 of them didn’t work, I was forced to wake, forced to live.

I was angry, angry at those who had made decisions about me without my permission.

I survived where others didn’t.

When I hear of a train that is late due to a person on the track – I don’t huff and puff because I’m going to be late.

I think of the brave soul who took as much of this life could throw at them and closed their eyes once n for all.

Please try to understand those who try and those who succeed