How I came to launch a free app that helps women with anxiety

Kim is the Co-Founder of a Women’s Wellness App called Clementine. Download it here

It all started five years ago, when I was working in a senior marketing role for a tech startup, Colleagues would have described me as ambitious, upbeat and capable. I was earning good money and climbing the ‘ladder’ fast. I was also pregnant with my first baby. Life was pretty good.

But then it took a turn.

I was so desperate to get a promotion before going on maternity leave (I had my eye on the marketing director role) that I wasn’t looking after myself; body or mind. My diet was poor, I was working ridiculous hours. And this resulted in my first ever panic attack. It was in the middle of my pitch during an important meeting and was horrendous.

New to the world of mental health issues and anxiety, I assumed things would get better when I left for maternity. Basically, I brushed it aside. But it actually got much worse. I developed social anxiety, continued to have panic attacks and found myself in a fairly dark place.

When I was ready to return to work (my son, Louis, had just turned one), I’d still not dealt with my mental health issues and was finding the idea of presentations – and other aspects of working life – completely overwhelming. So when a friend suggested hypnotherapy, I was on-board.

And it was incredible; it transformed my work life, home life and general self-esteem.

Once my confidence had returned, I decided that I was ready to fulfil a life-long dream and start my own business. The idea was already there: I wanted to help other women who were doubting themselves, or struggling with life’s daily stresses. So I turned a difficult situation into a positive one and built an app.

Clementine (my app) launched a year ago. It combines audio recordings from Georgia – the world renowned clinical hypnotherapist who helped me with my recovery – with daily mantras that pop up on your phone to give you little boosts throughout the day.

We were voted one of the ‘seven apps every woman should own’ by the Guardian, compared to Headspace and Calm by Telegraph India and we’ve been featured as the App Store ‘app of the day’. All this amazing press has helped us to grow our community to over 50,000 women around the world.

Women tell us they like Clementine because it’s modern – not a spiritual, hippie app. But mostly, because it works. It has helped women going through insomnia, divorce, facing mega fears, in the workplace, as mothers, with terminal illnesses.

When I had that first panic attack at work, I never would have imagined that it could lead me to founding a wellness app that is helping thousands of other women. The next step is investment, so that Clementine can reach even more women around the world.

Find out more about Clementine by clicking here